We started work with »Народный».

Dear Friends, we glad to inform you that, one month ago we started cooperation with  shops »Narodnyi». We deliver our bread there. Now fresh and tasty bread from German bakery »Schwärzwald Bäckerei» is closer to you!

Offering a coffee-machine with grinder!

German Bakery is closing the coffee-shop at «Orion» business center and offering a professional coffee-machine and cups with glasses. 

Price approx. 3. 500 US $ — negotiable. 

The coffee-machine is nearly and good quality.

Please contact: — Klaus Lehrke,

+996 778  44 33 22 or email :




Closing coffee-shop in business center «Orion».

Dear customers, 19 of July we are closing coffee-shop in business center “Orion”.


Improve Customer´s health and well-being by baking with Bio-Flour!

We are happy to announce that since the beginning of April 2018 we have the opportunity to bake some of our white bread and rolls with Bio-Flower. It is grown by a German Farmer in the Issyk-Kul region.
Our German chief baker is currently creating various bread and rolls with Bio-Flour.

Our contribution to reduce climate change by helping to reduce Smog and CO2 emissions!

Our delivery services will be done by a service company who uses mostly electrical vehicles in the inner City of Bishkek – thus helping to reduce smog and CO2 emissions.

News/ New Developments:

1. Since March 2018 we have designed our new website (www.germanbakery.kg) allowing us to offer goods to be ordered online and delivered by either us or a delivery service.
2. Beginning in March 2018 we start to develop and offer snack-products – i.e. sandwiches, pizzas, salads and various other snack-products. These snack-products can be ordered online and will also be delivered on demand. Have a look at our Snack-Products offered on our website in the Snack category.
3. Within the next months we intend to open new shops and sales points in- and around the city of Bishkek to make it more convenient for you to reach us.
4. We will be happy to offer special products and deliveries for special events like:
a. Coffee breaks – meetings etc.
b. Personal events – i.e. birthdays, parties etc.
c. Specially designed products – shapes, logos etc. in larger quantities.

Special announcement:

As we intend to expand our company locally, regionally and internationally (franchise) we have to develop new product methodologies (i.e. half-baked and frozen products) and build a new production facility with different production lines.
We have already established good contacts to different cities in the south of the country as well as with neighbouring countries (i.e. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, West-China Urumchi).
We also intend to capitalize on the new Chines “One Belt – One Road” (Silk Road) initiative – by building so called “Back-Shops” along the Silk Road with potentially hundreds of “Back-Shops”. It will be a highly profitable and low-risk business.
To a suitable future business partner we offer a business partner partly ownership of our German Bakery.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me on my personal email – Klaus Lehrke: — lehrkecons@aol.com