German Brezel

20 сом

In 100 g of product:

energy value is 235 kCal.

  • Weight(g.): 80


Brezels are very popular in Germany. For example, in Bavaria, the Brezel is one of the traditional snacks for beer on folk festivals, such as the Oktoberfest. In the classic national recipe, which we follow, the Brezel is sprinkled with large salt on top. Fresh Brezel can be cut along and smeared with butter – a classic breakfast option, and in the evening it is used with beer. The history of the Brezel is closely related to the history of Germany itself. German bakeries baked them since the 14th century. At that time, these products were considered elite baked goods, and the right to produce them needed to be earned. We hope that we would have succeeded if we were baking our Brezels in the Middle Ages, because our Brezels meet all the standards.The storage period is 48 hours.