About us

Our „German Bakery“ Schwarzwald was founded in 2010 in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.
Since 2010 we bake and offer fresh German and international bakery products in our shops in Bishkek (see locations on our website). We also deliver our products to several other shops, hotels (i.e. Hyatt Hotel, Golden Tulip Hotel, Silk Road Hotel….), international schools, academies, Embassies, international organisations and companies.
All our products are baked according to original German and international recipes.
We do not use any chemicals to enhance or prolong shelf live or for any other reasons. Our products are strictly natural – thus avoiding health hazards and allergies to a great extent.
We also used to deliver our goods to the American “Manas Airbase” complying with highest international HCCP standards, rules and regulations.
Our products are certified according to Kyrgyz rules and regulations and international HCCP standards.


Legal Status:

We are registered as a Ltd.
Owners / Management:

  • Klaus Lehrke, General Director (majority owner)
  • Arsen Sarbagishev, Technical Director

Our production facility:

At the moment we still work in a rented facility with more than 500 square meters approx. 6 km outside Bishkek.
We intend to build our own facility together with a potential investor or business partner as soon as possible.