We started work with ''Народный".

All about good rye flour of the German bakery.

Since a few months we have been producing two different kinds of pure rye flour bread.
“Fitness-Bio” Rye Flour with sunflower seeds.
“Fitness-Bio” Rye Flour without yeast and sunflower seeds.

The bio rye flour bread without yeast has been developed on special request of customers with some kind of flour allergy. 
All our German Bakery products are baked without any chemicals or other non-natural substances!!

Why do we need to eat rye flour bread?

  • Rye flour contains significantly less gluten, which is important for people with gluten intolerance and sensitivity.
  • Has a lower glycemic index, useful for diabetes.
  • Rye flour contains more dietary fiber (cellulose ).
  • More vitamins B1, B2 ,PP, B6, B12, E, K and trace elements: Ca, P, K, Zn , Fe.
  • more protein – that’s why athletes love it.
  • less calories.
  • rye flour contains Fe 40% more than wheat flour.

So, regular consumption of rye bread helps to:
• controlling body weight;
• remove toxins;
• to increase the hemoglobin in the blood;
• improving metabolism;
•strengthen immunity and improving digestion;
• to deal with anemia.

Please try our delicious bread and other German bakery products – it will help you to stay fit and healthy!!

Dear Friends of the German Bakery in Bishkek!

Do you know that bakeries are very popular in Germany? Residents of cities and villages every morning go for fresh pastries to their familiar baker.

This is because they know a lot about original buns, bread and pretzels and everything that is freshly baked according to German tradition.

It is good that since several years we also have the opportunity to purchase fresh pastries made in the best German traditions!

All our products are free of any chemicals. We bake all our products with natural ingredients. 

We are the only bakery in Central Asia to bake bread with original “Sour Dough” like in Germany.

For people suffering on various allergies we also bake special pure rye flour bread without yeast and low of gluten!

Our Shops  and addresses:

  • “Orion” Business-centre,  Erkindik Boulevard 21,  corner Moscowskaya Str., 1st floor, entrance through the main entrance door.
  • “Bishkek city” Supermarket, Suyumbaeva, 142/2 (Karpinka Str.).

You may also order from our website and we deliver to your house or office for a small fee.

We are only one Click away from you!!!! 

Bon Appetite!

Generator safety

Our team did another step to be your solid friend of delicious snacks, bread and other products. The manufacturing of our bakery is now – thanks to our new generator – safe against current fluctuation.

The German Bakery Management Team